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Challenges of home visiting in Ghana. Factors affecting home visiting.

  1. Traditional barriers: this become difficult in home visit as cultural beliefs, values, and practices that may affect healthcare decisions, such as traditional remedies or spiritual healing.
  2. Religion: Patients religious beliefs may be conflict with medical advice or treatment, leading to refusal of certain treatments or procedures during home visit.
  3. Poor planning due to overcrowded or difficult in locating houses in the area.
  4. Exposure of risk factors to health workers.
  5. Time consuming: Traveling to and from clients homes can take a significant amount of time, especially if they live far apart or in areas with heavy traffic can make home visit slow.
  6. No proof if the health worker is accused: becauses healthcare workers often conduct home visits alone, without witnesses, making it difficult to verify events or interactions
  7. sex: Home visits sometimes take place in private, isolated settings, making healthcare workers vulnerable to unwanted advances or attacks.One of the most sensitive and challenging issues is the risk of sexual harassment and assault.
  8. Language barrier :Healthcare workers may encounter clients who does not speak same languages, making communication and effective care delivery difficult.
  9. Lack of logistics: Healthcare workers face difficulties in accessing clients’ homes, transporting equipment, and managing resources, hinder the delivery of quality care.
  10. Distance between communities.



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