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Defining family planning as “the ability of individuals and couples to anticipate and achieve their desired futures” number of children and the spacing and timing of their births.

FP is a couple planning to give birth to a number of children they can adequately take care
Of by spacing them (Birth spacing)
Healthy spacing for healthy living
FP is currently viewed as a fundamental human right that upholds human dignity. Wife approval is required. The approval of the parents is no longer required for adolescents, although it is still required for the spouse.

Benefits of Family Planning to All;

  • The wellbeing and health of women and families globally. Contraception prevents HIV/AIDS and STDs and helps prevent unintended pregnancy and spacing births.
  • Moreover, it stops maternal deaths (no pregnancy, no maternal death).

Benefits of Family Planning for mother;

  • Unwanted pregnancy.
  • Early detection and treatment of conditions to prevent complications
  • Increase financial status of the mother
  • Prevents school dropout
  • Mother becomes a role model
  • Prevent anaemia

Benefits of family planning for children;

low risk of;

  • Neonatal death
  • Foetal death
  • Stunting and underweight
  • Small for date or gestational age
  • Low birth weight
  • Preterm birth
  • Helps child to have good education
  • Infant death

Benefits of Family planning for father;

  • Help child get good education.
  • Can save money and adequately take care of the family.
  • Become a role model in the community.
  • Continue education.

Family planning client rights;

  • Access to information about the service
  • Access to quality service – nearer to client
  • Choice – they should be varieties to choose or range of methods
  • Safety – the method should be safe
  • Privacy – there should be privacy
  • Confidentiality – keep every to oneself
  • Dignity-state of deserving respect
  • Comfort-comfortable
  • Continuity-continue with service
  • Opinion – be able to express his/her opinion


Reducing unplanned pregnancies, enhancing health outcomes, and enabling people to make educated reproductive decisions all depend on family planning. Gender equality and economic stability are supported by providing access to reproductive health services and contraception. Family planning expenditures support sustainable development, improve community well-being, and fortify families.

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