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What are the principles of home visit.

  1. Need based: it involved planning and conducted based on the identified needs of the people in the community.
  2. priority based: this may be maternal, child health care and postnatal checkup or even antenatal checkup because home visit should give to the existing problem in the family.
  3. Regularity: home visit to be planed based on the family needs or it should be conducted at a regular interval.
  4. Educative:the CHO given quality care to the patient at their doorsteps is better than the number of visit. Because care more important than visits.
  5. Assessment: Nurses conduct thorough assessments of the patient’s health status, including physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects. This assessment helps identify needs and risks.
  6. sensitivity: the community nurse should listen carefully and sensitive to the people feelings and needs at the time visit.
  7. Relationship: CHN during home visit, help developing good working relationship in the family.
  8. Analysis based: this involved the collection facts about the home, the patient, and the environment and making good analysis of the facts received during visit.
  9. Flexibility: the CHN should always make a flexible approach to any circumstances during home visit.
  10. Scientific based: be sure of the scientific soundness of ang subject used in discussion.



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